Spring Loan Special....rates as low as 6.99% APR!!!
You name it....you can borrow for home improvement, vacation, education, auto repairs, debt consolidation.....or a combination thereof.  You can even apply online at:


Note that rates are subject to change.  Contact the credit union for complete details and terms.  The actual rate you pay will be determined by your credit history.

APR-Annual Percentage Rate

Buy Lake Compounce Daily Tickets Online for $37.29!

Go to http://www.lakecompounce.com/ and use the following promo code 201700177 when purchasing tickets. The resulting price will be $37.29 including tax and processing fees.

Go to www.lakecompounce.com and click on Tickets and Passes at the top of the home page.

  • Scroll down to 2017 Single Day Tickets and click “Buy Online Now”

  • Click on the Promo Code tab at top of the page and enter the above Promotion Code (201700177).

  • Enter the number of tickets you wish to purchase and follow the instructions for entering your credit information.

  • Print out your tickets and bring them with you the day of your visit.

    Tickets are accepted right at the turnstiles— no need to wait in ticket booth lines  Enjoy your trip to Lake Compounce and have a world of fun!

New Vehicle Loan Rates...as low as 1.95% APR* for 60 Months!!!

You can get a great rate on financing for a new or used vehicle.  Even if you have  NOT SO PERFECT credit,  McKesson FCU offers a full spectrum of loan terms and rates for those with not so perfect credit scores. You can even get preapproved before you start shopping.  You can also refinance loans you may have with other institutions!!  Apply on line at:


Contact Jen at ext. 13 for full details.

* APR Annual Percentage Rate.  100% financing available.  Terms up to 60 Months.  Rates available for repayment terms of 72 months.  The actual rate you pay will be determined by your credit history.  New McKesson FCU loans only.  Offer is subject to change.  Approved credit only.  Other terms available.

Six Month Share Certificate Special....0.75% APY*

Please contact any of our offices if you are interested.  Penalty for early withdrawal.

 *-Annual Percentage Yield.  The annual percentage yield assumes that interest will remain on deposit until the maturity date.  All rates, terms, and yields are subject to change-please call for current rates and complete terms.

Try Treasury Direct to Buy and Redeem Savings Bonds and more!

TreasuryDirect is the first and only financial services website that lets you buy and redeem securities directly from the U.S. Department of the Treasury in paperless electronic form. You can enjoy the flexibility of managing your savings portfolio online as your needs and financial circumstances change - all the time knowing your money is backed by the full faith of the U.S. government.

TreasuryDirect offers product information and research across the entire line of Treasury securities, from Series EE Savings Bonds to Treasury Notes. TreasuryDirect accounts offer Treasury Bills, Notes, Bonds, Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS), and Series I and EE Savings Bonds in electronic form in one convenient account.  In addition, with TreasuryDirect you can account for Savings Bonds in a paperless form and even purchase or redeem bonds.

Go to http://www.treasurydirect.gov/tdhome.htm to open an account.

Fifteen Year Mortgage Loan Refinance Special!

With this special offer, you can refinance your existing mortgage and accelerate its repayment with a great rate!  Mortgage rates have begun to climb; now is the time to borrow at a great rate with NO APPLICATION FEES or CLOSING COSTS!


                Rates as low as 3.99% APR*



The credit union also has other special rates for home equity loans with up to ten year repayment terms.  See our loan rates at http://www.mckessonfcu.org/mckesson/RatesLoan.asp.  You can also use the equity in your home to do improvements or buy that special car,  or consolidate debts….all at super rates. 


*Annual Percentage Rate. Rate is based on fifteen-year term with a monthly payment of $6.89 per thousand borrowed and requires direct deposit or electronic payment. Refinancing only.  Loan to value ratio 70% or less. Property insurance must be maintained throughout the loan term. Other rates and terms available. Rate may be higher based on credit history. Rate is for new loans $25,000 or greater and is subject to change without notice. Other restrictions may apply. Contact Jen at extension 13 for full details.  Owner-occupied single family in CT only. 


**Member may be responsible for actual closing costs incurred by the credit union if the related loan is paid off within one year of closing.


Get a Free Checking Account and a MasterCard Debit Card

A number of banks have recently started to increase checking fees and/or have announced plans  to also charge a debit card usage fee.  Why pay the high fees assessed by banks when you can get the same services for a lot less or even free at McKesson FCU?

You can read the full article “More Bad News for Bank Customer: Debit Card Fees” by visiting http://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory/bank-america-charge-5month-debit-cards-14633305.

Join consumers who refuse to pay for a service that should be free…apply for a debit card from McKesson Federal Credit Union. We never charge checking account or debit card usage fees.  Applying is easy – start by clicking here for an application.

CO-OP Surcharge-Free ATM Network Expands!

With McKesson FCU's participation in the CO-OP Network, our members can now access more than 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs (includes 9,000 deposit-taking) across North America that are part of the CO-OP Network.  In fact, CO-OP recently signed a contract expiring in 2014 to allow the usage of surcharge-free ATMs in 7-Eleven stores nationwide.

To identify surcharge-free ATMs near you that are part of the network, you can use CO-OP's Locator service at http://www.co-opfs.org/public/locators/index.cfm.  ANother way to locate surcharge fee ATM's near you is to text a street address or "city state" or zip code to 692667 to find the closest CO-OP ATM locations.

You can also call 888-SITE-CO-OP to find locations using our toll-free ATM locator!

Why pay unnecessary surcharge fees?

New Online Banking Enhancements!

Enroll in the McKesson Federal Credit Union Online Banker by following the links in our website at www.mckessonfcu.org!  With our Bill Pay, you can make payments from either your Savings or Checking Account....you decide with each payment!

If you are already enrolled and would like to have your Bill Pay activated, please contact our main office and we will handle your request promptly.

Banking just got a lot easier!

Free Online Banking, Bill Pay, and Touch Tone Teller Services!

The online banking platform has increased abilities that you can customize for your own personal needs.  Using E Alerts and Preferences, you can create email alerts to notify you when balances fall below a specified amount; notify you when specified checks clear; notify you when rates change or for special offers; and much more.   You will still be able to view account histories and perform transfers and other transactions. Register for this free service by contacting the credit union and a temporary password will be emailed to you.  To qualify for this service, you must provide us a valid email address.

We have recently added the bill pay feature to our online banking platform.  Use of this service is being offerred free of charge to active users of the online banker.  Call us and we will gladly activate this service for you.

In addition, with E Statements, you can receive your statements electronically.  This will ensure that your statements are received by you in a timely and secure fashion.  And ecologically friendly!

The Touch Tone Teller Platform continues to be a very popular amongst credit union members to access their credit union accounts 24/7.  The first time you access the new platform, you will use your account number as the base account number, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number as the PIN (or password).  You will then be prompted to change the temporary PIN to a permanent PIN.  A listing of popular codes are available on the credit union's website under "Applications and Forms" or we can send one to you.

We think that once you give the credit union's online services a try....you will be happy that you did.