Computer Security

Every day, computer criminals are attempting to compromise systems offered by financial institutions. Systems at McKesson FCU, as well as other financial institutions, can be targeted in these criminal attempts. Although McKesson FCU has implemented multiple layers of security to combat these threats, there are some computer specific precautions that every user must take in order to ensure a secure environment. With that in mind, it is important that everyone take the precautions below with regard to the workstations used to access financial systems such as McKesson FCU’s On Line Banking.


When logging into a system, do not provide any information that is not typically requested.  For McKesson FCU’s On Line Banking, this “typical information” is your user name, and password. Periodically, additional authentication question responses will also be requested. McKesson FCU will not change the login criteria without first informing you. If you are asked for information such as your Social Security Number, birth date, or other personal information, do not provide it and contact McKesson FCU.


Make sure your computer is as safe and secure as possible.


- Ensure that Windows updates (patches), anti-virus software and anti-spyware software is installed, updated and functioning correctly.

- Don’t install unknown or unsolicited programs on computers such as programs you find out about in email messages, download sites and chat rooms. These programs can harbor computer viruses that may give criminals access to your computer without your knowledge.

- Don’t open suspicious emails or attachments. The following should be considered suspicious:


o Unknown sender.

o The email containing the attachment was not addressed to you, specifically, by name.

o Incorrect or suspicious filename.

o Unexpected attachments.

o Attachments with suspicious or unknown file extensions (e.g.: *.exe, *.vbs, *.bin, *.scr, *.com, *.reg).

o Unusual topic lines (e.g.: “Your car?”; “Family Update!”; “A ______ has sent you a greeting”, etc).


If you notice anything suspicious while logging into or working with McKesson FCU’s On Line Banking or any other McKesson FCU system, immediately notify the credit union at 1-203-381-9492.  Thank you!